Nigerian eCommerce Hack: How To Start Importation Business In Nigeria

Learn How To Import goods from China, Dubai, UK, USA at dead Cheap rates with just N10,000 Capital Or No Capital At All Using The OPM Secret.

Let Me reveal to You the hidden Importation secret I'm using to earn at least N300,000 monthly in pure profits without any stress and How You can do the same for Free Only Today

Online Importation business is no doubt one of the best business model any serious Nigerian youth can start and make easy money from home.
In this course, you’ll learn how to start mini importation business in Nigeria and what’s required to be successful at it.

Starting an importation business in Nigeria is not difficult, I bet you probably think you need to have hundreds of thousand to start importation business in Nigeria!
But trust me, that’s not the case anymore.

You’ll be surprised that with as low as N10,000 you can get started and start making 6figures within few months. You just need to be educated about this business and go about it the right way and that's what this masterclass is for.

For The Sake Of Complete Newbies;
'Importation' According to the dictionary Is the act of 'importing', carrying and conveying commodities from one place or area to another expecially between countries.

So In One Sentence:
IMPORTATION BUSINESS "Is a business model that involves the buying of items from one country at a cheaper rate and reselling it in your country or environment for profits'

The system involves you buying goods from CHINA, USA, UK e.t.c. For peanuts and then reselling it for profits.

Importation business pays more than any business model that involves selling in this part of the world, This kind of profit is only found in the pharmaceutical Industries.

Listen you can buy something for 5,000naira and Resell for 15,000naira and your buyers will be thanking you.
Sorry, Permit me to Introduce myself;

Who Am I and Why You Should Listen To Me

I'm Asingba Samuel, The CEO Of TheSamasins Inc. I'm An Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and A Writer, A Professional Blogger, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Business Analyst, Web Designer And App Developer E.T.C.
I've been doing importation business since 2010 and has trained several top Entrepreneurs who makes over N300,000 Monthly doing this business.

In Time past people didn't know how to buy directly from manufacturers abroad so they passed through other means which reduced their profits.

Now, I'll be giving you the secret to do this yourself and making so much wealth for yourself

I saw this necklace on using MTN PRICE CHECK and it's around N2,200 but guess what, Same necklace is sold for $2.75 which was around N500 as at then, and Yes I bought it and sold it for N1,500 and even got a thank you from my buyers, After making myself 200% In pure profits. Oh you don't believe me?
Then see Thinkerbell necklace screenshot from KONGA below
So as you can see for yourself now, the system is unique and pays you a lot If you're serious with it.

But Over The years a lot has changed in the industry and I'm revealing the latest, hidden secret strategy to A profitable Importation business Journey that'll Earn you hundreds of thousands of Naira.

This is not Aliexpress or Alibaba or DHgate or Any of those sh*t.... What I'll teach you will reveal how to buy at a less cheaper rate.

Now don't mind high dollar rate in the Nation currently, I'll be revealing how to beat the high dollar rate and buy at very very cheap rates (Cheaper than the above example) without stress using my secret strategy.

Well this is even my main aim of writing this Course, I am looking at YOU starting with 10,000 Naira and Making at Least N20,000 your First month and the boosting that 20,000naira to a N100,000 in business in another 30days.
i.e. 60-70days patience should turn N10,000 to N100,000 and this is 101% possible, You just have to be serious.

Funny Enough You can buy anything but I'd advice you take a survey in your environment to know what people want before buying, so you can sell off fast. Also know that Every body around you are you potential customers, Your friends, course mates, business partners e.t.c.

See This Typical Example;
A wristwatch selling for N6,000+ on Jumia is listed for $10 (N3,600) on other Importation sites and N2,000 on my secret platform I'll give you once you take action.
Jumia screenshot
N6,150 On JUMIA, Thats even a discount

alternate text
$10.49 On Other sites Outside Nigeria, 10.49 X 360 = N3800.

alternate text
Y40 on one of my secret platforms... 1 Chinese Yaun = NGN52 so that's 40 X 52 = N2080

See Below, some goods I bought; (Phones and Power Banks)

I ordered Necklaces, 10pcs for $10.3, This was however when I started and Guess what I sold it For N1000 per piece. i.e. I started with just N3,600 and I made an additional N6,000+ in pure profits in my first 2 weeks doing this business.

Got a Set of mouth paints for just $1.05 (N360), I asked a friend and she confirmed she bought her's for N1500, that's 4X profit

Well recently I bought some wristwatches for N1500 each online and resold it for N5000 each. That's N3500 in pure profits per sale. And guess what I sold three on the day they arrived that's over N10,500 profits In 1 day doing this business in small scale.

Also some necklaces for N550 and resold for N2000 each. Thats Over N1400 in pure profits per sale.
I invested N6,500 and raked in over 25k as profit in less than 3 weeks doing #Jewelry_Importation.

I've Personally turned 5K to well over N500,000 in less than 6 Months.

I Can Keep This Coming Because I Have An Album Full Of These And Also Testimonials/Success Stories
Funny Enough He Started With No Money, See screenshot and Video Below For The Full Testimonial.


OR this testimonial by Victor;



An eBook tutorial that entails the IN and OUT of importation business. The 5K Importation blueprint is an all In 1 solution that'll guarantee 100% success in this business and start making you up to NGN100,000 with just NGN10,000 with a 60days patience and our strategy.

Well I will quickly highlight what this material entails.

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An ebook tutorial that entails the in and out of USA importation, Learn how to buy Fairly Used or brand new items directly from USA. All those UK used stuff people sell, this ebook will reveal this secret to you.


OPM means 'other peoples money' Yes you heard me.. This ebook reveals how to start importation business without any capital.


Ebooks and tutorials on marketing and how you can make up to 300K monthly by quickly selling your products online on social media, jumia, Konga e.t.c.


Aside all this value, I'll also take my time to tutor you for 1 week so as to ensure you're a pro before you get started. This will help you avoid several pitfalls for free.

How To Order

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If You're Still a Doubter, then scroll down to see unedited screenshots from people who has paid and success stories from students and Video of our student who made over 2 Million Naira below.

Testimonials and Screenshots

Not everyone on the internet is a SCAM and also I don't like trying to prove myself so you could get started ASAP because you have slim chance of getting this offer for every minute you waste contemplating.

Finding one bad fruit doesn't warrant giving up on the whole tree, You'll only miss the chance to see the change you desire. -- Asingba Samuel

Success itself is a set of failed steps without giving up on the purpose why you took those steps. -- Asingba Samuel

People loose the Glory starring at them just because they're looking at the stars. -- Asingba Samuel

I wish you success, #Peace.

Asingba Samuel
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